New Album ‘Destructive Chaos’ Official Press Release


Latvia’s Rebel Riot have released their second full length album ‘Destructive Chaos’ in November 11, 2012, same day they were opening for Heavy Metal legends Accept in Riga. The album was recorded at Hodila Records studio in Valmiera, Latvia, and is a self release, available via band’s official website

‘Destructive Chaos’ is a title chosen to reflect Rebel Riot’s view on what is going on in many aspects of today’s world: chaos among people, chaos in the relationship between humanity and nature, which usually doesn’t have positive consequences. Similar topics have been covered by album’s lyrical themes. There are songs about more philosophical, existential topics as well, such as the effect globalisation has on the World, for instance.

Awarded as the Best New Band of the Year at Latvian Metal Music Awards in 2011, and known as winners of couple of underground music contests in Latvia, Rebel Riot continue to fuse influences, such as early blues, classic jazz, rockabilly and heavy metal into heavy rock’n’roll music, which allowed for them to be recognized as one of the most notable young rock bands not only in Latvia, but also in the neighbouring Baltic country of Lithuania. ‘Having their 7th visit here, these musicians promise to cheer up the audience with their inexhaustible energy, and the feel of last Century’s rock and roll music,’ wrote Lithuanian website earlier this year.

After spending three years in preparation for the release of their debut album ‘Make A Mess’ back in 2010, Rebel Riot have visited cities and towns in Baltic States and Finland, urged by a motivation which is best described by frontman, guitarist and vocalist Bob Concrete in an interview to Latvian P3lican webzine: “To turn around and shock all the World! I love to watch people being amazed, and the shock in their eyes!” After the debut album was released, Neatkariga, one of the few major Latvia’s newspapers, wrote: “At the moment this certainly is Latvia’s No.1 Hard & Heavy band – there’s been long time since we last heard a smash of such quality from our music of this genre.”

Release of the new album is the next step for Rebel Riot in attempt to reach more audience. Band’s lead guitarist Janis speaks about live experiences: “Gigs are fantastic, the feeling is incredible, and the most exciting thing is, every gig is different. It’s cool to play big festivals, because there is a lot of audience there, nice stage and perfect equipment. Yet, small gigs at pubs and underground clubs have got their own specific atmosphere, the audience is right in front of you, and that creates a special bond between us and the audience. There are always crazy things going on there, and, if I think about it, almost all of our best gigs have been played on small stages.”

‘Destructive Chaos’ is another tribute to both, Rock And Roll and Heavy Metal culture by Rebel Riot. Kind hearted, good humour loving people as they are, they are determined to continue to ‘do things that would make your heart beat faster, and make you feel better.’

27.11.2012, 14:15