Club “A Nice Place” – Ultimate Band Competition

6cgmt8dk07h9kj1kutwg  More than 50 local bands have entered this so called band competition at club “A Nice Place” (Riga, Citadeles 2). We see it as a good place and time to hang out with our friend bands and maybe get to know some new dudes.
Every band plays 3 shows during the whole competition (through out March – July of 2014)

Our dates:
April 12
April 24
June 13

During the shows the audience gets to vote for their favourite band with tokens (3 bands playing each night). You can also get a 10% discount card for purchases at the bar. Each 1Eur at the bar goes as 1 point for the band’s score. Get the cards from us:

More info on their Facebook page:

08.04.2014, 13:34