Our second studio release is out and soon will also be available in stores in Latvia and on the net. The recording and production of the album took place in Latvia, Valmiera city. During time in between summer festivals 2012 at “Hodila Records” studio with Girts ‘Lomiks’ Laumanis. The record reflects our way how we perceive the world around us – good or bad, with a little help from our friend – rock ‘n’ roll. It holds 8 songs:
1. Heavy Trip
2. Brains Wired Up
3. I’m An Outlaw
4. Late Night Rebel
5. No Way Out… Salvation
6. Pull The Plug
7. On The Edge Of Death
8. Stonesucker
Cover-art was made by Rebel Riot working with friends Keda and Ivo.
The whole album can be listened to at “New Hell Fire Club” blog as with a short interview with lead singer / guitarist Bob Concrete talking “Destructive Chaos”.

20.11.2012, 17:08