TMRT_2019 _4This May we’re getting back on the road this time including gigs in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands and Czech Republic.

Just like the previous tour in 2017, REBEL RIOT is doing this side by side with the Finnish boys in MADRED. Looking forward to having a great time and meeting new people!

We are happy to have our original drummer Kristīne Lokmane back on board. Thanks to Intars Preticis for keeping the throne warm for these past couple of years.

04.04.2019, 12:38

March 9 – Republika

Republika (RR, Roadkill, Blind Shapes)Doing a gig at our local club Republika. We’ll be sharing the stage with our longtime friends from Lithuania – RoadKiLL, and a new band Blind Shapes from Jelgava, LV.
After this one we’re starting to pack our stuff for a European tour with our chums from Finland band Madred.

Facebook event page

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January 5 – Tautas Harmonijas Centrs /THC/ (Valmiera, LV)

THC_FBFirst gig of the year 2019 and first time at Valmiera’s club ‘THC’. A fine stage and fine Latvian people of Valmiera city.
Some photos on the Facebook event page

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Look back at 2018

March 17 – Mad Fox warm up party. Biker meeting at club ‘Stacija’ (Aizkraukle, LV).
April 6
–  chat with LRA (Latvian Rockmusic Association) – VIDEO.
April 16 – openning for Evil Invaders at club ‘Melnā Piektdiena’ (Riga, LV).
April 28Moka Metal Crew 10 year anniversary at club ‘One One’ (Riga, LV).
May 12 – Madred & Rebel Riot at club ‘Lucky Monkeys’ (Lappeenranta, Finland).
June 30 – festival ‘Kilkim Žaibu’ (Varniai, Lithuania).
August 25 – festival ‘Limbizkvīts‘ (Limbaži, LV) + festival ‘Vērte‘ (Rūjiena, LV).
October 13 – club ‘Republika’ (Riga, LV).
November 17 – celebrating 100 years of Latvia at our favourite ‘Fontaine Palace’ (Liepāja, LV).
December 7 – club ‘Četri Balti Krekli’ (Riga, LV).
December 28 – at our friends’ place ‘Lokal House’ (Riga, LV).

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Rebel Riot - Madred 2017This late fall we are doing so far the most ambitious tour for REBEL RIOT – around central and eastern Europe. We’ll be looking forward to meeting a lot of new people of the heavy metal community.
See you all at the gigs!

25.11. Erlangen (DE) – New Force
28.11. Vienna (AT) – REPLUGGED
30.11. Budapest (HU) – S8 Underground Club
01.12. Banska Bystrica (SK) – Rock klub Tartaros
02.12. Trinec (CZ) – Bar-Rock-o
05.12. Krakow (PL) – PUB Pod Ziemią – Kraków
06.12. Lodz (PL) – Krańcoofka – Klub Transportowy
07.12. Gdansk (PL) – Paszcza Lwa
08.12. Suwalki (PL) – Black Pub Komin
09.11. Riga (LV) – DEPO

15.11.2017, 16:24

Look back at events this year (2017) so far..

February 3 – album presentation at ex-Nabaklab (Riga, LV).
February 4 – album presentation at Fontaine Palace (Liepaja, LV).
February 25– gig on the balcony at ‘Nemiers’ (Riga, LV).
February 28 – Attending LV music awards ‘Zelta Mikrofons 2017’. Top 5 Rock/Metal album nominees (‘Dailes’ theater).
March 20 Bob and Johnny at studio Chaula TV.
April 29 – local bar ‘VEST’.
May 10 – opening for Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden 94-99) – ex-Nabaklab (Riga, LV).
June 2 – first time at local bar ‘Aptieka’ (Riga, LV).
July 8 – Playground Festival 2017.
August 4 – Festival Laba Daba 2017.
August 18 – hot @ Lokal House (Riga, LV).
September 9 – ‘Melnā Nakts’ (‘The Black Night’ – Zunda Dārzs, Riga, LV).
September 22 – Rock River Club (Vilnius, LT).
September 23 – ‘Lemmy’ club (Kaunas, LT).
October 6 – ‘Latvijas 1. Rokkafejnīca’ (Riga, LV).

31.10.2017, 15:57

February 3 & 4 – Album presentation gigs

15871931_10154889709154110_7963359661840270498_n         Two shows in Latvia in support for “The Good, The Bad And The Heavy” are set to be on February 3 and February 4, 2017 in Riga and Liepaja.
Our new friends from Finland band Social Stain are joining us as special guests for these dates. In Riga we’ll be sharing the stage also with our long-time local friends Pūķa Gars.

February 3 – NABAKLAB (Riga)
February 4 – FONTAINE PALACE (Liepaja)

09.01.2017, 20:55

November 11 – ‘The Good, The Bad And The Heavy’

rr_tgtbth2016_front       Like our previous album when we opened for Germans ACCEPT in Riga on November 11, 2012, the new one is also released on November 11, 2016 – on the day of Latvian War of Liberation. This time we take off with a short album support tour in Finland with bands Prime Time Violence un Social Stain. February 3 and 4, 2017 will be the support dates in Latvian clubs.

“The Good, The Bad And The Heavy” tells a story about a struggle or balance between the light and dark forces that each of us have to face in life.

There are 3 of the new songs (Big Fat City, Lucifer, Lightworker) on our Youtube channel. Full album consists of 9 original songs:

1. Big Fat City
2. Lucifer
3. Dark Wizard
4. Lightworker
5. When The Stars Align
6. Legacy
7. Walk It Like You Talk It
8. Preacher Of Lies
9. Green Dragon

The album is released on Latvian music record lable “Thunderforge Records”.


09.01.2017, 19:37

October 13th & 15th – Gigs in Riga! The new album coming soon!

Here’s a new song from the new upcoming album “The Good The Bad And The Heavy”. To be released in November.
Before that we’re having some gigs this week in Riga!
October 13 – DEPO
October 15 – LOKAL HOUSE

13.10.2016, 10:21

June 10 – Fontaine Palace (Liepaja), June 11 – Nabaklab (Riga)

2016 junijsOur first shows this summer we’re doing in Liepaja and Riga on June 10 and 11. Our drummer Kristine unfortunately won’t be in LV to play the shows, so a good friend of ours, and a great drummer Pauls Ozols from band RŪSA will help us out. His band RŪSA will be also playing with us on the second night in Riga.

More info:

08.06.2016, 10:31

Frebruary 19 – LMA carnival 2016

LMA 2016First time we are playing at the annual Latvian Art Academy’s carnival. It’s taking place for the 78th time. A big festivity with many bands!

Rock stage

More info at Facebook page

16.02.2016, 5:48

Summer 2015

Rebel Riot - Summer 2015 We’ ve been away in our hive for a while now. Our third album is almost done. But before that, some summer festivals are to be played.

Playground Festival (LV, “Sports Complex 333”) – July 11
Festival Klang! (LV, Kekava) – July 25
Laba Daba Festival (LV, Ratnieki) – August 1
RockUp Festival (LV, “Turbas”) – August 8
Fontaine Festival (LV, Liepaja) – August 14

08.07.2015, 16:17

January 17 – LIEPAJA ROCK NIGHT (Fontaine Palace – Liepāja, LV)

9Together with veterans INOKENTIJS MĀRPLS
Showtime: 23:00
Fee: 4 EUR

Facebook event

04.01.2015, 20:25

December 20 – LOKAL HOUSE (Riga)

Winter solstice celebration at LOKAL HOUSE.
A small but a cosy place at our friends’ longboard workshop & store. First time they were having a concert there.


Happy holidays!

31.12.2014, 0:29

October 31 – The big Halloween carnival (Nabaklab, Riga)

Friday 31st of October at Nabaklab – a great time and place to have a Halloween ball! Some local musicians and some guests from abroad!

Inokentijs Mārpls

Rebel Riot
Johnny B’ Beast
Liblikas (Estonia – stoner)
The Bojarski (Russia – postpunk/indie)

Showtime 21:00
Entrence – 5 euro, w/ costumes and masks – 2 euro
Facebook event

22.10.2014, 14:33

October 9 – ‘1.rokkafejnīca’ (Riga)

9.okt.2014It’s been a while since we last played at our local venue “1. rokkafejnīca”. Hard Rock thursday night together with guys from DEF TRADOR.

Show time at 22:00
Admission free!

Facebook event page

26.09.2014, 11:51

October 4 – VANS POOL PARTY (Monsterpark, Riga)

10623387_291837724350100_7598771462827142889_oDoing a show at the biggest indoor skatepark in the Baltics – Monsterpark. Thanks to our skater friends for inviting us!
We’ll be sharing the stage with our friends from Indygo! Long socks, short shorts, Vans shoes, long hair – don’t care…
The event is going to have a 1970’ bowl riders dresscode to honor the founders of bowlriding.

Shows start after 19:00!

More info on Facebook event page!

26.09.2014, 10:38

Next gigs this fall!

10656374_10201878060587963_868499646_n-610x876September 20 – “309. kabinets”, Valka (LV). With ORIGO BOYS, dj Uldis Rudaks More info
October 9 – “1. rokkafejnīca”, Riga (LV). With DEF TRADOR

12.09.2014, 13:01

August 16 – Fontaine Festival (Lv)

The good ol’ Fontaine Festival – “Angels In Hell”. We are looking forward to meating up with some bands we’ ve played together some years earlier!
Our blast on Saturday night at 21:00!

More info:

11.08.2014, 13:05

August 15 – Karkle Festival (Lt)

Our first time in one of the biggest Lithuania’s fests “Karkle”. We’ re gonna be performing on the ROCK CLUB stage on Friday night at 23:30!
More info:


11.08.2014, 12:51

August 2 – ‘Saldus Saule’ festival (Saldus, LV)

saldus_saule_a2‘Saldus Saule’ is one of the oldest rock music festivals in Latvia (since 1987). We’ ve been invited for the second time to participate there. This year alongside with great local bands like: Skyforger, Inokentijs Mārpls, IGO and others. This time it’ s for one day. We’ re playing early!
We start at 19:00!

More info at:

22.07.2014, 19:35

July 18 – REBEL RIOT & RŪSA (Nabaklab)

RR & Rūsa (18.07.14)Midsummer rock ‘n’ roll blast at our local club “NABAKLAB”. Together with Latvian veterans RŪSA.

Entrance: 2 EUR
Showtime: 21:00

08.07.2014, 11:27

Next gigs

_MG_0184_Pidu EestiMAY 16 – “Rock And Roll Heaven” (Tartu, Est) – ‘Facebook event’
MAY 24 – “Rockstar’s” (Tallinn, Est) – ‘Facebook event’
JUNE 13 – “A Nice Place” (Riga)
AUGUST 15 – “Karkle Festival” (Klaipeda, Lt)

08.04.2014, 19:16

Club “A Nice Place” – Ultimate Band Competition

6cgmt8dk07h9kj1kutwg  More than 50 local bands have entered this so called band competition at club “A Nice Place” (Riga, Citadeles 2). We see it as a good place and time to hang out with our friend bands and maybe get to know some new dudes.
Every band plays 3 shows during the whole competition (through out March – July of 2014)

Our dates:
April 12
April 24
June 13

During the shows the audience gets to vote for their favourite band with tokens (3 bands playing each night). You can also get a 10% discount card for purchases at the bar. Each 1Eur at the bar goes as 1 point for the band’s score. Get the cards from us:

More info on their Facebook page:

08.04.2014, 13:34

March 8 – “DEPO” (Riga)

DEPO_IMG_2271The night of Women’s Day. Gonna make some pussies riot with REBEL RIOT and PUSSY ROCK at our local club “DEPO”

Show time at 21:00

Facebook event!


28.02.2014, 22:45

February 22 – “Nabaklab” (Riga)

"NABAKLAB" 22.feb.2014A rock n roll night at our local “NABAKLAB” together with Italian rockers CAPTAIN JACOBS.
Show kicks at 21:00
Admission free!

Facebook event

12.02.2014, 0:51

February 7 – “Roxy” (Klaipeda, LT) + February 8 – “Fontaine Palace” (Liepaja, LV)

1025276_661953750509946_734998498_o New places means new faces – we hope to get to know some! We’re gonna be playing in Klaipeda for the first time.
FEBRUARY 7 in Klaipeda (LT) – Roxy Club LT

Next day we’re doing a gig in Liepaja together with a DIO Tribute band from Lithuania.
FEBRUARY 8 in Liepaja (LV) – Fontaine Palace

Facebook event

30.01.2014, 22:28 – Music Awards (for 2013)

Alternative (2013-2014)Our local Latvian underground music site “” is holding their annual music awards! You can also vote for REBEL RIOT there. We are nominated for “Best performance” and “Most interactive band”. Support the Latvian underground bands: ALTERNATIVE.LV

The awards party is on February 7 in NABAKLAB (Riga).

30.01.2014, 21:11

December 27 – Heavy Artillery (Daugavpils, “Artilerijas Pagrabi”)

1470353_631954273534613_162418229_nOur second time in Daugavpils, but it’s gonna be the first time at an underground pub there. Thanks to our friends in band Asthma for inviting us down to their hood.

Rebel Riot

‘Artilerijas Pagrabi’ – Rigas 22, Daugavpils
Showtime: 21:00
Tickets: 1,5 Ls
Facebook event!

18.12.2013, 16:22

December 14 – MMC #9 reunion (Melna Piektdiena)

MMC #9

We express our sincere condolences to all the souls and their relatives that suffered the tragedy in one of  Riga’s shoping malls on the night of November 21st. Therefore we felt the necessity to postpone the event until December 14. So see ya then!

After quite a while we’ve decided to gather for the 9th Moka Metal Crew reunion party at club Melna Piektdiena.
We’ll be having an unusual set for this event. So stay alert!


Showtime: 20:00
3 Ls

10.11.2013, 16:35

November 15 – Happy birthday, Davis! (A Nice Place)

F-PIRMAIS_KURSSChum of ours, Davis is throwing a party at club “A Nice Place”. A great way to celebrate a Friday!Performing:

Showtime: 22:00
Entrance: 2Ls (rum+coce for free)

09.11.2013, 14:26

October 19 – “The Best Live Bands Of The Kingdom” (Melnā Piektdiena)


Doors: 21:00 -Show time: 22:00
Entrance fee  – Ls 2.50

On Facebook

15.10.2013, 13:40

September 14 – YKESCOLA – extreme fest in IKŠĶILE (LV)

1237078_432276800224587_963187024_n  Extreme sports events + Rock “N” Roll all night!
Facebook Page!

1. Miera Vējos (18:00-18:50)
2. Distill18:50-19:40)
3. Rebel Riot (19:40-20:40)
4. OGHRE (20:40-21:30)
5. TESA (21:30-22:30)
6. Līdz Pēdējam(22:30-22:20)
7. Ghettozloba (23:20-00:20)
8. Parára (00:20-01:20)

12.09.2013, 16:48

Summer Events 2013

Rebel Riot vasara 2013July 19 – “Brothers Of The Wind” biker fest (Ventspils, LV)
July 20 – Acoustic (“Leningrad”, Riga)
July 26 – “Margos Pievos” festival (LT)
July 27 – “KLANG!” Festival (Kekava, LV)
August 2 – 4 – “Laba Daba” festival (Ligatne, LV)
August 9 – 11 – “Fontaine Festival” (Liepaja, LV)
August 16 – Madonas kulturas nams (Madona, LV)
August 17 – Speed Way championship (Daugavpils, LV)
August 25 – “Metal Crowd Festival” (Rechitsa, BLR)
September 1 – Route 66  (Riga)



1004005_618806151484097_223463507_n590_368713469921204_1581279735_n KLANG poster FOntaine Festival 2013MC2013poster

25.06.2013, 1:17

May 30 – club “A Nice Place” (Riga)

30052013_smA warm summer breeze on a Thursday night of May shall drag together 3 stubborn oldschool rock’n’roll acts to deliver a hot hell at club “A Nice Place”.

Louie Fontaine & The Starlight Searchers
Lord Bishop Rocks (USA)
Rebel Riot

Starts at 8:00 PM

Event page: Facebook

27.05.2013, 15:58

May 18 – Wacken Metal Battle 2013 (Latvian Semifinal)

970497_10151488752714902_1859067805_nWe’re taking part in the Wacken Metal Battle event to compete for the chance to play at the great Wacken metal fest (Germany). On the May 18 night  6 bands compete in the first semifinal at club “Melna Piektdiena” (Riga).


Thanks to anyone who supported us! We have advanced to the Latvian final. It will take part in the month of June, same place!

27.05.2013, 15:36

May 3 – “Tapper” (Tallinn, EE), May 4 – “Rubiin” (Viljandi, EE)

Emerald_EstoniaWe’ve been invited to briefly join on a tour with Estonians EMERALD, supporting their first full album release. So we’re doing two shows – Friday night in Tallinn’s club “Tapper” and Saturday in Viljandi’s “Rubiin”.

May 3 event on Facebook!
May 4 event on Facebook!

02.05.2013, 22:40

April 26 – “Route 66” (Vilnius, LT), April 27 – “Underground Pub” (Kaunas, LT)

548271_10151374445511088_1174261205_nIt’s been a little while since we’ve played to our neighbours Lithuanians and at club “Route 66” in Vilnius. We’re looking forward to coming back there and doing a gig with 3 other local bands – The Society, Cracked Leaf, Dead Man’s Cross. Thanks again to our rock n roll friends from Roadkill in Vilnius.

Event on Facebook!

We’re coming back also to Kaunas’ club “Underground Pub” on Saturday (27th) night. We’ve been there once. A small, but a cosy place.

Event on Facebook!

23.04.2013, 1:37

April 20 – “1. Rokkafejnīca” (Riga)

afisha_20_04_2013_webamFor the first time we are doing a show in Riga’s 1st Rock Cafe. We’ve been invited to a birthday party of a friend of ours.  Local bands Bloody Heels and Wake Up will help to boost up the hard rock mood of the night!


Next stop:
April 26 – Vilnius (LT) – Facebook
April 27 – Kaunas (LT) – Facebook

11.04.2013, 12:33

March 23 – Oranžās Brīvdienas + Rebel Riot (“Fontaine Palace”, Liepāja)

OB_13_GADU_JUBILEJA_LIEPAJA____1DC in LiepajaLatvian turbo-folk ensemble ORANŽĀS BRĪVDIENAS are throwing an anniversary party at Liepaja’s “Fontaine Palace” on March 23. REBEL RIOT are invited as special guests to support the night show. Together with both bands and a support team on a double decker a DJ team “Ej Apskrieties” from Radio Naba is joing for the night. A tour film “Pa kājām” shooting by “Komuna7” will take place during the trip.

WAKEUPCALL (Italy – punk)


More info:

18.03.2013, 20:07

March 7, 8 – Valmiera

Chill-Inn_8.marts2 RadioValmiera  On the 7th of March we’re going LIVE acoustically on ‘Radio Valmiera’ in Valmiera city. 1 hour show, starts at 20:00. Hosted by Krišs Kāpostiņš.



On the next night we’re doing a full-heavy show at Valmiera’s club “Chill Inn”. Together with LINGA.
Starts at 22:00
Entrance fee: 2Ls

Next shows:
March 15: club “Nabaklab” (Riga)
March 23: club “Fontaine Palace” (Liepaja)

March 28: “Ģitāristu Sesija” event (Madona)
April 20: club “Rokkafejnīca” (Riga)

04.03.2013, 21:07

March 1 – club “A Nice Place” – with LECHERY

On the first day of March we’re gonna blast up the local pub “A Nice Place” and make it look like hell-swell of a place for that damn night. Together with Swedish heavy metal bastards LECHERY and other local metal acts (Dehead and Burned In Blizzard).

Club opens at 20:00
Fee: 2,5 Ls
Happy Hour 1:00 – 2:00 😀

More info at the club’s site!


Our next appearance:
March 7: Radio Valmiera
March 8: club “Chill Inn” (Valmiera, LV)
March 23: club “Fontaine Palace” (Liepaja, LV)
March 28: “Ģitāristu Sesija” event (Madona, LV)

16.02.2013, 18:37


Voting at the annual LATVIAN METAL MUSIC AWARDS has begun. Support us by voting for our album “Destructive Chaos” as well in the other categories. Voting is due ’til February 20th.

The awards ceremony will be held on February 22 – Riga, club „Melnā Piektdiena”.
With playing local bands:

+DJ Deathperado.

Shows at 20.00, club’s open at 19.30.
Entrance Ls 3.

More about:

06.02.2013, 17:33

ALTERNATIVE.LV Annual Music Awards

A while ago have returned to surface – a Latvian underground music website, which was actually the place where we all met and got formed as a band. It’s a decent place to get to know what’s going on around in Latvian non-pop music scene.

They hold an annual Music Awards of their own. So here’s a chance to support Latvian artists & musicians by throwing a vote at their website (fill in all the nominee list by choosing your favourite band and type your name and e-mail adresse at the end).  REBEL RIOT are nominated as with our “Best Album” and “Best Live Performance”

Place a vote and come to the award night at club “NABAKLAB” in Riga, February 8.

29.01.2013, 20:58

“Destructive Chaos” in store “Randoms” (Riga)

Look for our new album in “RANDOMS” (Oldtown of Riga, Kaļķu 4).

Check out our latest video upload from the night sharing a stage with German masters ACCEPT:

20.01.2013, 19:54

New Album ‘Destructive Chaos’ Official Press Release


Latvia’s Rebel Riot have released their second full length album ‘Destructive Chaos’ in November 11, 2012, same day they were opening for Heavy Metal legends Accept in Riga. The album was recorded at Hodila Records studio in Valmiera, Latvia, and is a self release, available via band’s official website

‘Destructive Chaos’ is a title chosen to reflect Rebel Riot’s view on what is going on in many aspects of today’s world: chaos among people, chaos in the relationship between humanity and nature, which usually doesn’t have positive consequences. Similar topics have been covered by album’s lyrical themes. There are songs about more philosophical, existential topics as well, such as the effect globalisation has on the World, for instance.

Awarded as the Best New Band of the Year at Latvian Metal Music Awards in 2011, and known as winners of couple of underground music contests in Latvia, Rebel Riot continue to fuse influences, such as early blues, classic jazz, rockabilly and heavy metal into heavy rock’n’roll music, which allowed for them to be recognized as one of the most notable young rock bands not only in Latvia, but also in the neighbouring Baltic country of Lithuania. ‘Having their 7th visit here, these musicians promise to cheer up the audience with their inexhaustible energy, and the feel of last Century’s rock and roll music,’ wrote Lithuanian website earlier this year.

After spending three years in preparation for the release of their debut album ‘Make A Mess’ back in 2010, Rebel Riot have visited cities and towns in Baltic States and Finland, urged by a motivation which is best described by frontman, guitarist and vocalist Bob Concrete in an interview to Latvian P3lican webzine: “To turn around and shock all the World! I love to watch people being amazed, and the shock in their eyes!” After the debut album was released, Neatkariga, one of the few major Latvia’s newspapers, wrote: “At the moment this certainly is Latvia’s No.1 Hard & Heavy band – there’s been long time since we last heard a smash of such quality from our music of this genre.”

Release of the new album is the next step for Rebel Riot in attempt to reach more audience. Band’s lead guitarist Janis speaks about live experiences: “Gigs are fantastic, the feeling is incredible, and the most exciting thing is, every gig is different. It’s cool to play big festivals, because there is a lot of audience there, nice stage and perfect equipment. Yet, small gigs at pubs and underground clubs have got their own specific atmosphere, the audience is right in front of you, and that creates a special bond between us and the audience. There are always crazy things going on there, and, if I think about it, almost all of our best gigs have been played on small stages.”

‘Destructive Chaos’ is another tribute to both, Rock And Roll and Heavy Metal culture by Rebel Riot. Kind hearted, good humour loving people as they are, they are determined to continue to ‘do things that would make your heart beat faster, and make you feel better.’

27.11.2012, 14:15


    Our second studio release is out and soon will also be available in stores in Latvia and on the net. The recording and production of the album took place in Latvia, Valmiera city. During time in between summer festivals 2012 at “Hodila Records” studio with Girts ‘Lomiks’ Laumanis. The record reflects our way how we perceive the world around us – good or bad, with a little help from our friend – rock ‘n’ roll. It holds 8 songs:
1. Heavy Trip
2. Brains Wired Up
3. I’m An Outlaw
4. Late Night Rebel
5. No Way Out… Salvation
6. Pull The Plug
7. On The Edge Of Death
8. Stonesucker
Cover-art was made by Rebel Riot working with friends Keda and Ivo.
The whole album can be listened to at “New Hell Fire Club” blog as with a short interview with lead singer / guitarist Bob Concrete talking “Destructive Chaos”.

20.11.2012, 17:08

November 11 – ACCEPT + REBEL RIOT (Palladium, Riga)

Sunday night of November 11 we release our socond album “Destructive Chaos” and open for heavy metal masters ACCEPT. At the Palladium concert hall.
19:00 Entrance
21:00 ACCEPT

Our new CD will be for sale in the venue!

Tickets on the net:

10.11.2012, 18:14

First single from ‘Destructive Chaos’. Full album release on November 11, 2012.

Before releasing our second album we offer to take a sip of it. Brains Wired Up – song that speaks about our modern society’s dependency for information technologies. Release date is due on the night when we’re opening for German kings ACCEPT – November 11, 2012.

02.11.2012, 13:18

November 11 – PALLADIUM – opening for ACCEPT (GER) with our new CD “Destructive Chaos”!

All the studio work for our second album “Destructive Chaos” is finally done. And our first show supporting the new CD will be on November 11 in Riga, Palladium concert hall, having the honour to open for German heavy metal legends – ACCEPT.


Tickets available at “Bilesu Serviss” box offices in Latvia and also on the net:


17.10.2012, 19:58

August 25 – Fontaine Palace (Liepāja)

Today we’re rolling to Liepaja Rock City for a nice saturday rock’n’roll blast!

25.08.2012, 14:35

September 1 – NABAKLAB – hint for the new album

The night of September 1st – NABAKLAB (Riga). Get ready for “Destructive Chaos”. Our new album to be released this fall. Join us on the “back to school” day to chant out the new songs together with.

15.08.2012, 0:49

August 24 – A Nice Place – “Friday Bash”

After touring around the summer festivals eventually the camps get settled back to the city. Therefore on August 24 a heavy metal night in Riga’s “A Nice Place” is to be held. Together with local bands “Burned In Blizzard” and “Pīķis Brūcē”.

14.08.2012, 13:03

Summer festivals at home 2012

July 7, 23:30 – Summer Sound festival (Liepāja) – Alternative stage

July 14, 16:00 – Fonofest (Cēsis) – Rock Stage

July 27, 19:00 – Zvērā (near Saldus) – Main Stage

07.06.2012, 16:45

June 9 – Underground Pub (Kaunas, LT)

We’ve been in Kaunas only once. So we’re looking forward to meeting new people on the saturday night at Underground Pub, and hopefully catching up with the guys from an ass kickin’ band from Kaunas called Attitude.

04.06.2012, 2:58

June 8 – Metro (Vilnius, LT)

Thanx to guys from a Lithuanian rock’n’roll band Roadkill, we’re coming back to Lithuania for a rock’n’roll adventure just before getting into the studio to record our second album. Friday night at club “Metro” – a place we haven’t played before. A local folk metal band Berserker is going to be opening for us.


04.06.2012, 2:44

May 23 – Nabaklab – Peavy Battle of bands (Roko Naktys 2012) – FINAL

Thanks to our fans and the will for true rock ‘n’ roll we procede to the FINAL of “Peavy Battle of Bands” contest. Hope to see as much and even more support on May 23!

18.05.2012, 13:09

May 16 – Nabaklab – Peavy Battle of bands (Roko Naktys 2012)

A presummer band contest at our local club “Nabaklab” for this summer’s open air festival “Rock Nights 2012” in Lithuania. Starts at 20:00. Don’t miss it!

14.05.2012, 16:07

May 11 – Space Dog (Riga) – A birthday party!

Rebel Riot doing birthday party Live band thing! In old Riga’s club “Space Dog”. Friday night, 21:30. Anyone’s welcome, who’s up for a party ’till the morning!

07.05.2012, 18:22

May 5 – Monster Energy Skatepark (Riga) – “Ride In Baltics” season closing afterparty

Saturday evening show in Monster Energy Skatepark. A special season closing afterparty for “Ride In Baltics” skiing and snowboarding folks.

03.05.2012, 17:11

April 29 – Melnā Piektdiena (Riga) – WACKEN METAL BATTLE 2012

Wacken Metal Battle 2012One of the greatest world’s heavy metal festivals – Wacken Open Air. Latvian band competition’s final at club Melnā Piektdiena.

25.04.2012, 0:31

March 23 – Studentu Klubs (Riga) – The club’s 23rd Anniversary

After a period of time we’ll be visiting and doing a quick gig at LMA “Studentu Klubs” at their 23rd anniversary celebration.

02.03.2012, 15:13

March 17 – Melnā Piektdiena (Riga) – Supporting Sanctimony’s EP “Perfection”

The sharpest hard ‘n’ heavy bands form Latvia are joining for a mega heavy party at club “Melnā Piektdiena” and also with a support from Finnish metalheads Profane Omen.

During our show we will also be shooting scenes for video to our song Heavy Trip from our upcoming album!


Sia Radikal

Profane Omen


Rebel Riot

13.02.2012, 0:24

March 16 – Chill Inn (Valmiera)

Stage Number One 2012Stage Number One band contest – the FINAL!



We thank all the fans in Valmiera city for the support at this band contest! Rebel Riot received the grand prize – chance to do recordings for our 2nd album at one of the major studios in LV. /17.03.12/

13.02.2012, 0:12

February 18 – “Circle Pit! Shows” – Nabaklab (Riga)

“Circle Pit! Shows” invites to a night with a taste of some hardcore action at Nabaklab! Together with bands: Signs and Otherway.

24.01.2012, 2:44

February 10 – Chill Inn (Valmiera)

Stage Number One 2012 semifinals in Valmiera’s club “Chill Inn”.

Rebel Riot

Pūķa Gars

The Golden Rivet

Perfect Error

+ Emerald (Est)

24.01.2012, 2:28

January 20 – Nabaklab (Riga)

A Friday night show at NABAKLAB together with guests from Finland – COLLARBONE.

17.01.2012, 22:03

January 14 – DEPO (Riga) – MMC (Moka Metal Crew)

It’s been a while since the last Moka Metal Crew event. So saturday night on January 14 at the good old club “DEPO” we are reuniting – Rebel Riot, Pūķa Gars, The Factor.

Haven’t tried the original Latvian moka coffee liqueur yet? Now’s the chance!

09.01.2012, 18:53

December 31 – Fontaine Palace (Liepāja, LV) – NEW YEAR’s EVE

The New Year’s celebration this year with Rebel Riot, Inokentijs Mārpls (Lv), Čehols (Lv) and lots of friends is taking place in Liepāja at The Fontaine Palace. Our last show this year.

12.12.2011, 16:17

December 10 – Pērle (Riga)

Latvian boardsports are celebrating 10-year anniversary of the first skateboard, snowboard, sportswear and equipment shop in Riga ““. Rebel Riot have been invited to support the celebration with a show on saturday night at cafe/shop “Pērle” (Tērbatas 65).


06.12.2011, 17:13

December 3 – Torvi (Lahti, Fin)

On Saturday night a gig in Lahti at club “Torvi”. Together with Profane Omen and Bob Malmström.

28.11.2011, 18:47

December 1 – Dom Helsinki (Helsinki, Fin)

On the 1st of December we’re going on a brief tour to Finland to open a couple of shows for friends of ours – Profane Omen (Fin). Thursday night in Helsinki at club “Dom Helsinki”.

28.11.2011, 18:35

November 26 – Space Dog (Riga)

Saturday night we’re having a gig together with our local hard rock veterans RŪSA at club Space Dog

18.11.2011, 17:02

November 25 – Melnā Piektdiena (Riga)

Yet again we are participating in a local band contest. This time in “Sound Division Rock Battle”  on the night of November 25 at the local club “Melnā Piektdiena”. Support us at the venue during the night!

07.11.2011, 20:23

November 19 – Route 66 (Vilnius, LT)

Hooking up with guys from RoadKiLL (Lt) once more to do a gig in Route 66 on Saturday night. Also a local band Rubber Bullets (Lt) are joining. Alright!

27.10.2011, 14:01

November 18 – POGO (Šiauliai, LT)

Returning to club Pogo in Šiauliai city in Lithuania on a Friday night.

27.10.2011, 13:55

November 11 – Chill Inn (Valmiera, LV)

First time doing a gig in Valmiera at club “Chill Inn”. Band contest “Stage #1”.


27.10.2011, 13:42

November 4 – Nice Place (Riga)

A friend of ours is throwing a party at club Nice Place on Friday night. We’ll be there! Also sharing the stage with Wildborn and Pirmais Kurss.

Happy birthday Magnuss!

27.10.2011, 12:37

October 29 – Propaganda (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Doing a ride to Vilnius to meet our chums from Roadkill and play in club Propaganda saturday night.

15.10.2011, 17:28

October 14 – Rock N Roll night at NABAKLAB!

A gig is acknowledged for the night of October 14 at local club NABAKLAB. Our colleagues ROADKILL from Lithuania are joining to rock the place down, and also NIGHT STAR, THE VELVET SUPERNOVA. Party starts at 21:00.
Don’t miss the next night of October 15 too, ROADKILL are gonna be rocking out at ROCK N RIGA bar.

26.09.2011, 14:00

Gig at ROCK N RIGA on September 16.

After a brief recess a gig date is announced, taking place at club ROCK N RIGA on September 16. Together with us for the night will be joing WILDBORN (Lv).

09.09.2011, 16:25

We’re on air!

Finally we have our own web page, it’s gonna take some time till we get all the info up here, bet from now one this is where you can get the latest news from us!

Rock on!

21.08.2011, 19:30