LMA carnival - February 19, 2016

Our first appearance at the famous Art Academy of Latvia carnival, which took place for the 78th time. 4 o'clock in the morning, the party's still rolling!

LOKAL HOUSE (Riga) - December 20, 2014

Winter solstice party at our freinds\' longboard workshop LOKAL HOUSE. A small but a cosy place for such an event.

Nabaklab - October 31, 2014 - Pumpkin Party

A flaming Friday Pumpkin night at local NABAKLAB together with Inokentijs Marpls, Johnny B\' Beast, Liblikas (Est).

\'1.Rokkafejnīca\' (Riga) - October 9, 2014

Together with a hard rock band DEF TRADOR we had a rock\'n\'roll Thursday at the old town\'s club \'1.Rokkafejnīca\'.

Monsterpark (Riga) - October 4, 2014

We played at Monsterpark, the biggest indoor skatepark in the Baltics during a \'pool riding\' competition. 70\'s style dress code.

Nabaklab (Riga) - July 18, 2014

Doing a gig together with local hard rock veterans RŪSA at Riga\'s Nabaklab.

Tallinn (Rockstar\'s - Woodstock) - May 24, 2014

We had played at \"Tapper\" club in Tallinn before, but now also in \"Rockstar\'s - Woodstock\". A good equivalent to our\'s \"DEPO\" in Riga.

Tartu (Rock N Roll Heaven) - May 16, 2014

First time ever playing in Tartu, Estonia, in a club called \"Rock N Roll Heaven\". A nice club, with a good stage. A place to come back again some day.

\"Women\'s Day\" (DEPO) - March 8, 2014

It had been a while since we last played at the club where Rebel Riot was born and grew up (so to speak..). And the club\'s \"DEPO\" owner is a swell dude too. Rocking out on a Women\'s Day night with dudes from a band Pussy Rock.

Liepāja (Fontaine Palace) - February 8, 2014

Playing in Liepaja city, at Mr. Fontaine\'s spot is always an adventure. It\'s a place where rock\'n\'roll feels real for sure. You get the whole package - a great stage, an actual back stage, hotel, goodies for your tummies, a pool.. and more.

Ogre (Culture\'s Center) - January 11, 2014

Performing in Ogre (LV) at their Culture\'s Center - as guest artists at a band competition \"Zaļais Knābis\".

MMC #9 (Melnā Piektdiena) - November 21, 2013

MMC - Moka Metal Crew #9. A reunion concert night with our friends and peers that we all started this Latvian heavy rock thing with some years earlier. With bands: Pūķa Gars, The Blackout (dudes actually reunited specially for that night after they had quited some years ago), The Factor, Crow Mother and Art Of Keeping Secrets. Special thanks to Kaspars Petersons (our first, now ex-bass man) for joining us on stage for an Anthrax tune. Our whole set actually consisted only with covers of our favourites from AC DC, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Trouble, Guns N Roses, Skid Row, Pantera (an exception for that night only).

Metal Crowd (Belarus) - August 25, 2013

Summer\'s last festival - trip to Belarus, Rechitsa. Performing at their Metal Crowd festival.

Laba Daba (LV) - August 3, 2013

A festival with a specially cosy feel.

KLANG! festival (LV) - July 27, 2013

It was this festival\'s first year. With participation mainly of leading local Latvian acts.

Margos Pievos fest (LT) - July 26, 2013

A show in Lithuanian festival Margos Pievos /Motley Meadow. The fest is held in the teritory of the huge Lithuanian Open Air museum.

With Louie Fontaine & Lord Bishop (USA) (A Nice Place) - May 30, 2013

Rock N Roll night at club \"A Nice Place\" wtih Louie Fontaine & The Starlight Searchers and Lord Bishop Rocks.

Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas) - April 26 - 27, 2013

Our annual trip to Lithuania. Playing in Vilnius at Route 66 and in Kaunas at Underground Pub. We thank our Lithuanian friends for having us over!

1st Rock Cafe (Riga) - April 20, 2013

A friend of ours invited to her birthday party at \"1st Rock Cafe\". Together with bands Bloody Heels and Wake Up. Cheers!

Liepaja (Fontaine Palace) - March 23, 2013

Trip to Liepaja\'s \"Fontaine Palace\" together with friends Oranzas Brivdienas (Orange Holidays) on their anniversary tour.

Valmiera (Chill Inn) - March 8, 2013

Returned to Valmiera city after last year\'s successful triumph in the new band contest \"Stage #1\". A rock night at club \"Chill Inn\" together with LINGA.

Locals + LECHERY (SWE) (A Nice Place) - March 1, 2013

Our first gig with Krishjanis Galinsh on the bass. A heavy metal night together with local bands Burned In Blizzard, Deodium and former Arch Enemy guitarist\'s band Lechery from Sweden.

Opening for ACCEPT (Palladium, Riga) - November 11, 2012

November 11 - on the night when Latvians commemorate freedom fighters of the Latvian War of Independence (1919) - we had a colossal opportunity to open for German heavy metal legends - ACCEPT with them having a first time show in Latvia. Not to mention the chance to meet with one of our favourite metal bands. Thanks for the photos to Līga Kažemaka, Kristaps Ēberliņš. And some more photos by Oskars Kupše:

Zvērā festival 2012

Near Saldus (LV). On the night of July 27, 21:30. We had the chance to play right before our Latvian pagan metalers Skyforger.

Fonofest 2012

Cēsis (LV). First time in Fonofest. On July 14, 16:00. Sun from within & rain from above - that\'s how it felt under the Rock tent.

Summer Sound 2012

Liepāja (LV). First time at the Summer Sound festival. Playing on July 7, 23:30 at the beach. Dark and tough rain clouds were taking over the sky with bolts of lightning above the see right before our show. Rock\'n\'roll power was sufficient to keep them off the beach.

2012 summer solstice shots

Photoshooting morning after the annual summer solstice celebration. In collaboration with VETO magazine.

Trip to Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas) - June 8-10, 2012

Summer opening took place in Lithuania, having a gig in Vilnius on June 8 and in Kaunas on June 9. Met up with guys from Roadkill.

Ride In Baltics (Monster Park, Riga) - May 5, 2012

A friend of ours invited us to perform at a skiing team\'s \"Ride In Baltics\" season closing at Monster Energy skatepark in Riga.

Stage #1 (Chill Inn) - March 16, 2012

The final of band competition \"Stage #1\" in Valmiera. Sometimes it has to do something with luck, but sometimes it\'s just a case of do or die. We did what we do and won the whole competition. We thank alot to new fans from Valmiera.

Circle Pit show! (Nabaklab) - February 18, 2012

Smashin\' out at a hardcore night. With bands: Signs and Otherway.

Valmiera (Chill Inn) - February 10, 2012

Worked our asses off in the Stage Number One band competition\'s semifinal at Valmiera\'s club Chill Inn. Playing together with chums from Pūķa Gars, also with bands: The Golden Rivet, Perfect Error. With guests from Estonia - Emerald. Next time coming back to Valmiera for the final!

MMC #7 (DEPO) - January 14, 2012

Some buddies from the MMC (Moke Metal Crew) alliance came up with an idea for a reunion in club DEPO, to make a kick-ass night. Just the right way to start a year. So we gathered up. Local hard \'n\' heavy playing bands: Rebel Riot, Pūķa Gars, The Factor. 10 year anniversary (Pērle) - December 10, 2011

First board riding equipment shop in Riga \"\" throwing a 10 years anniversary party with some rock n roll spirit!

Helsinki, FIN (DOM) - December 1, 2011

A brief tour to Finland. Profane Omen invited us to open for their concluding shows of their Finland tour. Opening Thursday night in Helsinki at club \"DOM\". Afterwards having a show in Lahti, in Profane Omen hometown.

Vilnius, LT (Route 66) - November 19, 2011

Saturday night after a show in Šiauliai (LT) we went to Vilnius\' club Route 66. Rocked out with local bands Rubber Bullets and Roadkill. Celebrated Roadkill guitarist\'s Daniel\'s birthday and had a great time what so ever. Thanks to Roadkill bass guy Kipras for having us over at his place!

Valmiera, LV (Chill Inn) - November 11, 2011

First time doing a gig in Valmiera at club Chill Inn. I guess we\'ve found another great place in Latvia to do gigs at. A very cosy place. Entering a band contest \"Stage #1\", we did a great gig and managed to get through to the semifinal meeting.

Magnuss\' Party (Nice Place) - November 4, 2011

We were honored to had been invited to our friend\'s birthday party at club Nice Place. So we definately kept our side of the bargain - performing some healthy rock \'n\' roll! Together with bands Pirmais Kurss and Wildborn.

Vilnius, LT (Propaganda) - October 29, 2011

A metal event organized by a Lithuanian female biker club in Vilnius on October 29 at club \"Propaganda\". We sure didn\'t miss the opportunity to share the stage once again with friends from Roadkill (Vilnius, LT) and some other local bands.

Rock Night at NABAKLAB - October 14, 2011

A band from Vilnius (Lt) - RoadKiLL joined us on the Friday night, as well as locals The Velvet Supernova and Night Star. The next night RoadKiLL were doing Rock N Riga club which now unfortunately is shut down for good.

Sutas Balss 2011

Our local Latvian open-air festival during August 26-27. On the second day after a nice swim in the nearby lake we took the stage in daylight, which doesn\'t happen that often. This year Latvian festcore people had also the chance to see one of the biggest Latvian heavy metal acts - Skyforger.

Fontaine Festival 2011

Liepaja (Lv). This year the fetival supported 6 stages. August 13 - we had the chance to play on one of the main stages - Gypsy Camp, which is open-air at the hotel\'s back yard. As usual the line-up for the festival held a lot of bands from around the world, like Torture Squad (Brasil), Phonomik (Denmark), Moses Hazy (Finland), Tor Peders Kapell (Sweden), Mr Fontaine himself with his band Starlight Searchers and others.

HUDI\' 11 - Šiauliai (Lithuania)

Albert\'s first gig with us. On May 6, 2011. It took place in Lithuania, city Siauliai, at that point in a recently opened club \"Pogo\". The venue was mostly under construction; plain concrete, some gear for the stage and rock n roll.

Nice Place - April 1, 2011

The month of April started at club Nice Place. Together with us a turbofolk band Oranžās Brīvdienas.

MMC reunion at Rock N Riga - February 25, 2011

For a Moka Metal Crew reunion gig Rebel Riot, Pūķa Gars & Varavīksnes Stallis join forces to boost a party at Rock N Riga bar.

Pre New Year\'s masquerade (Melnā Piektdiena) - December 30, 2010

A masquerade night before New Year\'s eve at club \"Melnā Piektdiena\". We had fun sharing the stage with Inokentijs Mārpls, Čehols, Wildborn and others.

Fontaine Festival 2010, August 14

The weather during the festival was especially hot, we hit the stage as the last band of the festival, right after the performance of Skyforger on the Gypsy Camp stage. It was around 3:00 AM Sunday morning, but people were still packing in front of the stage in Fontaine Palace.

Zvērā Festival 2010, July 30

One of the biggest open-air rock festivals in Latvia \"Zvērā\". A fun place to be and play.

R.I.P. for R.J. Dio - July 14, 2010

A hot summer day at the Rock N Riga bar. In memory of Mr. Ronnie James Dio - we were more than honored to take part in this event.

Metalshow 2010, July 2

A pitty this once mightiest and most Metal festival in Latvia is put on halt for indefinate. We hope the 2010 in Riga wasn\'t the last year for it. If it get\'s revived, we\'ll be the first in line!

Trip to KVP fest - June 5, 2010

Opening summer festival season with KVP (Coffee Night at Pilskalni). It was cold for a summer fest! But hey.. one for the road!

In between rehearsals at Sky-M - May, 2010

At Sky-M rehearsing studio in Riga. A place where we were spending quite a time most of 2009 and 2010.