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Kaspars Petersons – bass guitar
Janis Kazemaks – lead guitar
Kristine Lokmane – drums
Bob Concrete – lead vocals, guitar

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At the end of summer 2007 four musically concerned young bloods from Riga (Latvia) came together to form an oldschool rocking band…

Since then we have been playing heavy rock’n’roll music with influences of 60’s – 80’s classic rock, punk and heavy metal, and also some earlier blues, classic jazz and rockabilly. Before releasing our first album MAKE A MESS at the end of 2010 we had done countless shows in Latvia and the Baltic states, won a couple of underground music contests in Latvia (“Flashlight” at the Fontaine Palace, Rock N Riga “Garage Duels”). During 2011 we were supporting our album across Latvia, Baltic States and Finland.

In Latvian Metal Music Awards (2011) we were awarded as the best new band of year 2010 in the Latvian metal scene.
In 2012 we won the grand prize of “Stage Number One” band contest in Valmiera (Latvia). Recorded our second album DESTRUCTIVE CHAOS at “Hodila Records” in Valmiera.

Openned show for heavy metal legends ACCEPT in Riga on November 11, 2012.


It all started after two highschool classmates Kristine (drums) and Kaspars (bass) decided to form a band in the year 2007. Bob and Janis where the guys who replied to their internet ad. It took about two months of rehearsals in a basement of a health center in Old Riga and the four piece band was ready for some gigs. The initial band name was Rebel Yell and it stayed like that for almost two years. Only later in search for a more distinct name it was changed to Rebel Riot.

2007 – 2008

The very first gigs were played quite often at local clubs (DEPO, Saksofons) during the fall of 2007, winter and spring 2008. During spring was the participation in ‘Flashlight’ – a contest for new bands which is held annually in Liepaja Rock city at Louie Fontaine’s club Fontaine Palace. After making to the final then called Rebel Yell were announced as the Flashlight 2008 winners, thereby earning the prize – to record an album.

Summer season was the time to get on some open-air stages in festivals around Latvia (Sutas Balss, Fontaine Festival, VBO Biker Fest). Made friends with some foreign bands (Paperback Freud (Swe)). At the end of summer MMC (Moka Metal Crew) was formed which is a union of local hard ‘n’ heavy bands. Initially also participated by bands: The Blackout, Patriots and once in a while joined by other bands (Relicseed, The Factor, Wild and others).

December – opening a show in Liepaja for LAPKO, a band from Finland.


January – MMC gig at club DEPO.

Participation in a local band contest – Garage Duels, taking place at the newly opened rock bar Rock N Riga. After several rounds, in duration of several months (March – June) and once again making to the final Rebel Yell get announced as the winners of the Rock N Riga’s Garage Duels’ season 1. Therefore having a lot of gigs at Rock N Riga during rest of the year.

April – opening for Adam Bomb (USA) in Riga and Liepaja.

May – MMC gig at club Melna Piektdiena /Black Friday/

Taking part in local summer fests (Fontaine Festival, Sutas Balss).

Recording first single Hit The Road. August – Rebel Yell gets changed to Rebel Riot.

September – a show together with local veterans Sanctimony and friends Puka Gars at a moto racing event “Durka Racing”. November – “Death N Roll” tour across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with Sanctimony (Lv) and Profane Omen (Fin).

Continuing work on recording first album.


January –  gig in Kaunas (Lt).

Spring – gigs around neighbourhood clubs and pubs (Route 66, Rocabilly, Transilvania, Joy Pub, Melna Piektdiena). Gig in Liepaja Rock city at Fontaine Palace with Sanctimony (Lv) and SIA Radikal (Lv). Gig in Bob’s highschool – teachin’ kids a lesson in violence.

May – MMC reunion gig at Melna Piektdiena.

Summer – finished work on first album – MAKE A MESS. The title symbolizes more or less the way things were done on stage and off stage as well.. In a way it still is the same. Before summer festivals Rebel Riot’s first video is released “Hit The Road”. Fests around Latvia (KVP, Metalshow, Zvērā, Fontaine Festival, Sutas Balss).

Fall – gigs around local clubs (Nabaklab, Melna Piektdiena).

December – MAKE A MESS is out. Thanks to Mr. Louie Fontaine for the support and Karlis Steinmanis (Relicseed) from KS Records  for the help at the studio.


January, February – supporting album in Lithuania (Palanga, Vilnius) and Liepaja.

March – Gig together with Naked King (Kaliningrad, Rus). Some gigs at club “Nice Place” in Riga.

In Latvian Metal Music Awards which takes place at club Melna Piektdiena Rebel Riot are awarded as the best new band of year 2010 in the Latvian metal scene.

April – gig in Cesis city (Lv). Last show with Kaspars.

Alberts Levics joins Rebel Riot shortly. First gig with Albert in Siauliai (Lt) at HUDI one night fest.

Summer – festivals (Saldus Saule, Negativus, Lentpjuves (Lt), Rock N Bikes, Fontaine Festival, Sutas Balss).

During fall – gigs in Nabaklab, Nice Place (Riga). Lithuania – Siauliai, Vilnius. Participation in band contest ‘Stage Number One’ and playing first time in Valmiera (club ‘Chill Inn’).

Beginning of December – brief tour to Finland. Opening for Profane Omen (Fin) in Helsinki (Dom Helsinki) and Lahti (Torvi). Making a LIVE show recording in Lahti city.

New Year’s celebration with a gig in Liepaja (Fontaine Palace).


Starting year 2012 with couple of gigs in Riga. Proceeding to the Final in ‘Stage Number One’ contest in Valmiera city. On the 16th of March in the Final REBEL RIOT succeed and are prized as the winners of “Stage Number One 2012”. In a competition of 27 Latvian bands.

Supporting SANCTIMONY on their EP presentation night together with Huskvarn, Sia Radikal and Profane Omen (Fin).

Spring – doing gigs in Riga.

June 8 – 9 – shows in Lithuania.

Starting work on second album – recording 8 songs for “Destructive Chaos” in Valmiera at Hordila Records studio.

Summer festivals in Latvia – (Summer Sound, Fonofest, Zvērā)

August 24 – Nice Place, August 25 – Fontaine Palace (with ex-bassist Kaspars)

September 1st – a gig at Nabaklab (Riga)

November 11 – opening for German heavy metal legends ACCEPT at Palladium concert hall (Riga). Releasing independently our second album “Destructive Chaos”


Krishjanis Galinsh joins the band on bass. First gig on March 1st with the new line-up.

Concerts in spring – Valmiera, Liepaja, Madona, Riga.
April tour in Lithuania. In May touring Estonia.

Summer festivals:
July 19 – “Brothers Of The Wind” biker fest (Ventspils, LV)
July 20 – Acoustic (“Leningrad”, Riga)
July 26 – “Margos Pievos” festival (LT)
July 27 – “KLANG!” Festival (Kekava, LV)
August 2 – 4 – “Laba Daba” festival (Ligatne, LV)
August 9 – 11 – “Fontaine Festival” (Liepaja, LV)
August 16 – Madonas kulturas nams (Madona, LV)
August 17 – Speed Way championship (Daugavpils, LV)
August 25 – “Metal Crowd Festival” (Rechitsa, BLR)

Autumn concerts in Riga. December 14 – MMC  #9 reunion.
December 27  in Daugavpils “Artilērijas Pagrabi”.


February gigs in Lithuania and Liepaja (LV).

Spring concerts in Riga.

Summer festivals (Saldus Saule, Karkle (Lietuva), Fontaine Festival).

Autumn concerts (Valka, Rīga).

Kaspar returns to the band on the bass.
20 December – Christmas gig at the longboard workshop “LOKAL HOUSE” in Riga.


Work on 3rd studio album.